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At Open Door Tutoring, we provide a tutoring service where the student is never intimidated about needing a tutor.

It is not easy for a student to say that they need a tutor. We aim to rid the student of that feeling by fully understanding what the student needs to ace that next test or reach scholarship-awarding scores. Whether that need is a confidence boost in their ability, a reworking of how they were previously taught, or simply a scheduled time to study… our tutors provide it.

About Our Tutors

All of our tutors are successful college graduates or college students. Having recently completed courses and subjects that students require tutoring in, the tutors have all the information fresh in their minds. Not only is the subject matter fresh, but so is the feeling of having been spoken at by the teacher instead of being spoken to. This gives our tutors a few advantages over other tutors. They are able to put themselves in the student’s position. They are able to constantly keep the student’s perspective in mind.


Garrett Douet


Before creating Open Door Tutoring, I had been a private tutor for a total of four years. I started tutoring in high school after realizing I had the ability to teach others and explain concepts in many different ways. This led me to gain a decent amount of students up until the point where I gained an internship in college pertaining to my degree.

Once my internship began there was no longer any time to be tutoring. However, students and parents continued to contact me saying that they needed a tutor. So, I gathered a team of tutors, taught them my processes, and began to provide the service under Open Door Tutoring.

I ended up leaving my internship in order to manage the business and team at Open Door Tutoring, all the while continuing my college career. I am currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I maintain a 3.9+ GPA, hold a score of 32 on the ACT, and have received many different awards throughout my academic career. I plan for Open Door Tutoring to be one of the many ways to provide value to others’ lives and seek to continue to explore my entrepreneurial career.

Our Tutors’ Advantages

Student-Tutor Dynamics

Our students are able to relate to our tutors and are therefore more inclined to listen. This relationship can be described as peer mentorship.

Teaching Skills

Due to the effects of the recent pandemic, many of our tutors have had to teach themselves in order to be successful in school. The tutor is able to easily recognize where a teacher may have missed the mark and fill that gap efficiently.

Study Tricks and Habits

Our tutors have a plethora of tricks that they use for studying and also learning. So, not only will the students benefit during the tutoring session, but they will be able to take new studying habits home!

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